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----- quick moving guide summary -----

take inventory

knowing what is to move

Prepare an inventory of everything you own. Segment your list into three categories:

  1. items to pack and move on the truck
  2. items that you will move yourself
  3. items that will be discarded

    use our item inventory list for help

Inventory List

Full service movers will compile an inventory sheet to list each item that is being loaded to the truck. If you are loading the truck yourself, you should compile your own inventory sheet:

  • each item that is being moved will be tagged with an identification number and room locator
  • the mover will list on an inventory sheet each item that is being loaded onto the truck (by the identification number). They will inspect the condition of each item. Make sure you agree with their comments.
  • the mover will give you a copy of the inventory sheet along with the Bill of Laden
  • upon arrival and unloading, the mover will assign you the task of accounting the inventory - you will check-off each item from the inventory list as they are being unloaded from the truck
  • any items missing or damaged are subject to claims arbitration based on your moving contract

Moving Your Records

Contact your existing dentist, doctor, veterinary and other health care facilities. Have them transfer your personal, family, and pet records to your new health care specialist.

Note that you may need to provide a signed letter for a transfer authorization.

Other Documents and Records:

  • Arrange transfer of your children's school records
  • Transfer memberships in religious, civic groups and other social clubs
  • Obtain other records from lawyers, CPAs, investment advisors, others
  • Check the local and state laws of your new city on home businesses, business licenses, professional tests, and other requirements that may be applicable
Moving Tools

FREE forms and worksheets:

  • moving checklist and pad
  • move budgeting worksheets
  • move inventory lists
  • utility and service transfer sheets
  • and more - all FREE without user registration

    click for quick tool downloads


----- end of moving guide summary -----