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----- quick moving guide summary -----

taking care of finances - records

what you should know

  • Check your credit report to clean up discrepancies and prevent ID theft (especially as you move between addresses).

    Make sure you re-check your report 3 months after your move to update your credit records:
    complete information at our credit center:
  • Setup your new bank account with deposit accounts and bank card access
  • Close safe deposit boxes and transfer records and assets to your new bank
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage:
    view our insurance module at our nBuy center
  • Pay any unpaid traffic tickets, claims, and taxes. Outstanding "penalties" can delay registrations in other jurisdictions.

    Moving Your Records

    Contact your existing dentist, doctor, veterinary and other health care facilities. Have them transfer your personal, family, and pet records to your new health care specialist.

    Note that you may need to provide a signed letter for a transfer authorization.

    Other Documents and Records:

    • Arrange transfer of your children's school records
    • Transfer memberships in religious, civic groups and other social clubs
    • Obtain other records from lawyers, CPAs, investment advisors, others
    • Check the local and state laws of your new city on home businesses, business licenses, professional tests, and other requirements that may be applicable


----- end of moving guide summary -----