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around the moving date

what you should do


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Start Packing Your Stuff

When packing your household items to move, you should segment your packing into 3 areas:

  1. items to pack and move on the truck
  2. items that you will move yourself
  3. items that will be discarded

    tool: use our item inventory list for help
    guide: print this packing guide for tips

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Prepare for the Move

When it's time to get ready for the move:


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Complete the Move and Unpack

Complete your move. Make sure you arrive 1-day early before the truck arrives. Also arrange parking for the truck and access ramps to the home or apartment. Reserve elevator space, if necessary.


How best to unpack in priority order:

  • unpack your bedding and bathroom. You need a place to rest and clean up after a moving day.
  • unpack your children's bedding and room. Get out their toys-TV and arrange a space to play (and watch TV) while you unpack.
  • unpack your kitchen necessities so that you have a place to cook and eat.
  • unpack other areas of the home. Finish unpacking the kitchen, bedrooms, and bath before unpacking the other rooms
  • check for any damage as you unpack. Common complaints include delay claims, billing disputes, and damage claims:
    view solving problems and arbitration
  • If your furniture gets damaged during shipping, look into furniture repair: get repair help


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Moving Tools

FREE forms and worksheets:

  • moving checklist and pad
  • move budgeting worksheets
  • move inventory lists
  • utility and service transfer sheets
  • and more - all FREE without user registration

    click for quick tool downloads
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